Route Mapping Software: Computer Generated Itineraries

routing software solution

Prism Visual Software's mapping software is a powerful management package for optimizing and having better control of every operation performed in the field. Its integration with ServQuest™ enables sending all work tickets to the map for route optimization and utilizing the wide band of mapping activities. Powered by Bing Maps, Prism VS's mapping suite reduces ineffectiveness in the field and increases the accountability of every worker.

Special features include:

  • Run simulations, economic evaluation
  • Less driving
  • Truck capacity higher utilization => smaller trucks
  • Balance driver workloads, reduce overtime
  • Driver accountability
  • Better delivery predictions, real-time tracking
  • Management report

Keep ahead of the competitors

reduce miles  Reduce mileage stops at customer locations Increase stops per day punctuality Improve punctuality


  • Cut your transportation costs by reducing the mileage of every delivery truck and decreasing labor costs by optimal planning daily routes for delivery, field sales, and field services.
  • Drag and drop work orders between vehicles to make more stops and to balance routes.
  • Increase the responsibilities of your delivery drivers, route sales representatives, and service technicians with live updates of work progress.
  • Have real-time insight into the productivity of every employee.
  • Customize reports to track the progress of work orders and get a business process overview to use for analysis and decision-making.
Route Mapping Software Special Feature