Management Software for Field Service Companies

The Best Management Software Solution for Fiend Service Companies

Today, field service management software is an integral part of the management system used by organizations regardless of their industry. Therefore, companies that:

  • run phone lines or install cable to the business offices or private residences; 
  • perform in-home care for disabled people or older adults; 
  • provide repair and support of the gas, water, or electricity utilities; 
  • perform preventative and planned equipment maintenance; 
  • office and home cleaning, landscaping, or irrigation; 
  • provide heating, ventilation, or air conditioning, and many other

can use our management software developed especially for field service with the biggest amount of benefits than other software providers can offer them.

Our management software solution includes four packages:

  • ServQuest™ - an exhaustive desktop package that provides support for key business activities of the field service, including, creating and managing the vendors and customers database, scheduling an equipment service, controlling and managing the parts and inventory, optimizing routes, and many other. 
  • Prism Dispatch™ - an indispensable tool for dispatchers; being well informed with the Prism Dispatch™ they can perform their duties more effectively with the minimum of errors. 
  • MiniMate™ - a unique mobile application for tablets, smartphones, and other handheld devices. MiniMate™ provides workers with real-time data anytime and anywhere, enables tracking the field service technician’s location and time as well as the performance of the work orders, helps mobile staff to perform their job (including, to collect signatures and payments). 
  • Order Connector – a computerized program specially designed to enable the integrating our software packages with the accounting software systems used by the field service companies.

Telecommunications, healthcare, utilities, manufacturing, property maintenance, HVAC (heating, ventilation, or air conditioning) is only a short list of industries that offered by us the management software solution can benefit.

Some benefits of using our management software system include:

  • the inventory management system enables having the necessary parts and equipment to perform the necessary repair anytime; 
  • dispatchers have better visibility of the field service employees status and can dispatch the appropriate field service technician with the right parts or inventory to fix the issue; 
  • customers have the ability to schedule or change an appointment via a call center, online and self-service portal; 
  • service history gives service technicians knowledge about past problems and how each of them has been solved.
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