Main Features provided by Dispatch Computerized Systems

dispatch computerized programs

The powerful dispatch programs allow companies:

  • to save hours of the work time in the office; 
  • to enable delivery drivers to perform extra deliveries every day; 
  • to help service technicians to fulfill additional work orders each day; 
  • to give ability route sales representatives to meet more customers and close more deals every day.

The main features provided by the powerful dispatch computerized programs include:

  • visual dispatching; 
  • saving views based on dispatcher needs and preferences; 
  • tracking a complete cycle of order fulfillment; 
  • checking availability the open slots in a calendar format; 
  • integrating with the mobile application used by mobile workers in the field; 
  • sending scheduled jobs directly to field personnel smartphones through mobile applications or via text messages; 
  • automatically updating information on mobile devices; 
  • document attachments;
  • tracking mobile workers' location and work time; 
  • slotting new work orders within existing schedules; 
  • real-time connection with the field via the mobile application; 
  • customizable database of locations; 
  • route-map optimization; 
  • supporting turn-by-turn directions; 
  • coordinating multiple delivery drivers; 
  • managing delivery status; 
  • getting proof of delivery;
  • monitoring the number of deliveries, canceled and delayed orders;
  • customer support via phone, email, or live chat; 
  • automatically reminding customers of upcoming service; 
  • customer notifications about the time the service technician will arrive; 
  • keeping customer records; 
  • collecting customer payment on the job; 
  • sending customers the job confirmations and invoices; 
  • work history for each job; 
  • integrating with the interactive Google Maps; 
  • GPS vehicle tracking; 
  • generating customized reports; 
  • customizable filters defined by multiple criteria, and more.
powerful dispatch computer programs