Main Benefits of Using Dispatch Programs

Scheduling and dispatch programs, give a simple and affordable way to manage the business.

The main benefits of using scheduling and dispatch programs are:

  • all business information securely kept in one location; 
  • planed work day; 
  • organized schedules; 
  • improved dispatching; 
  • tracked each dispatch events; 
  • managed work processes; 
  • customized work orders; 
  • productive and profitable office activity; 
  • reduced the labor-consuming paperwork; 
  • greater control over the activity of each mobile employee; 
  • improved field efficiency; 
  • streamlined the field sales process; 
  • seamless billing options; 
  • synchronized office and field workers; 
  • improved arrival time; 
  • minimize vehicular wear and tear; 
  • tracked job progress; 
  • considered the last-minute changes in schedules; 
  • minimized service issues; 
  • active two-way connectivity between dispatch and mobile workers; 
  • saved hours of the office work time; 
  • performed extra work orders each day; 
  • integration with accounting and other software packages; 
  • customized reporting; 
  • improved customer satisfaction; 
  • increased revenue.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. works closely with every client to understand company’s specific needs. Therefore, our professional team can deliver each customer a tailored dispatch software solution.

Prism Dispatch™ – visual dispatching and route map optimization software – is a powerful package that provides all features needed for effective managing of the field service business. Easily integrated with other our software solutions and other computerized systems such as accounting, customer relationship management (CRM), human resources (HR), and other Prism Dispatch™ is one of the best dispatch programs offered on the market.