Lot Tracking Software

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A lot ID or batch number is an identification number that is assigned to a particular quantity or batch of products or materials. The lot numbers as the serial numbers are used for tracking items throughout the sales and receiving process. However, there is a significant distinction between lot ID and serial number. Many items can have the same lot number because of this number assigned to a group of products with common specific properties. At the same time, the serial number as a unique number that is assigned to a single item; so, in stock, items of the same product can have different serial numbers.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. has developed the inventory control system (ServQuest™ desktop software package and MiniMate™ mobile application for handheld devices) that supports the lot information.

The lot can include information about:

  • manufacturing date, 
  • manufacturing shift, 
  • manufacture location, 
  • serial number, 
  • batch identification, 
  • expiry date, 
  • certificate number, 
  • product weight, 
  • product category, 
  • materials that went into a product, and more.
Software for Lot Tracking

Many kinds of businesses need to keep tracking their assets and stock items in relation to their batch or specific lot from a manufacturer. Lot control is essential, first of all, for performing product differentiation, recalls, and expiration dates:

  • Differentiation. Light variations can exist between different batches for some products. Therefore, finished product batches are assigned batch codes (lot IDs) that allow defining each batch of the product. 
  • Recalls. In the case of the customer's complaint is received, the lot number allows quickly identify the defective batches of products as well as to whom those batches were sent and help quickly reach out to stop sales of the product and recall defective items. 
  • Expiration. The lot number helps to identify products that are expired and should be moved away from the inventory.

Types of software that can offer the lot tracking:

  • accounting software – determining costs per lot; 
  • inventory management software – tracking inventory movements by using lot numbers;
  • warehouse management software – tracking received and shipped items by using lot number;
  • manufacturing execution software - providing control over ingredients that go into finished goods, and others.