Lot Tracking Software System

lot tracking software solution

In the 21st century manufacturing and retailing, lot tracking is significant to control over every piece of inventory that moves through a factory, warehouse, or shop. Implementing the lot tracking software system can be expensive, but if a business owner wants his/her company to stay afloat and be competitive in the market, this type of software is critical as it allows supply the normal workflows.

A lot can represent whatever chosen characteristics. Each lot can be divided into child lots that can reflect additional characteristics chosen for items within the lot, for instance, the lot selected for items from a particular vendor can be divided into child lots to represent differences in the quality specifications such as age, batch, or other.

Types of software that can provide the lot tracking:

  • Inventory management software – to track inventory movements. 
  • Warehouse management software – to track order picking, receiving, and shipping processes. 
  • Accounting software – to determine landed costs per lot. 
  • Manufacturing resource planning software – to plan the production runs. 
  • Manufacturing execution software – to control ingredients going into finished products.

Prism VS’s lot tracking software provides the complete lot number support for inventory transactions. Users can enable lot control for specific items in their inventory by assigning the lot number to each item and referring to the relevant lot each time when performing items transactions. Thus the lot tracking software system enables companies to have full control over lot controlled items in the inventory.

Prism VS’s lot tracking software capabilities:

  • quick access to accurate inventory information anytime; 
  • assigning item expiration date; 
  • tracking inventory movements from receiving to shipping; 
  • collecting the history of transactions by lot number; 
  • reporting current and historical inventory data; 
  • integration with third-party applications.

Using our lot tracking software system allows companies to:

  • automate and optimize the inventory control process; 
  • keep products in compliance with standards and regulations; 
  • prevent the inventory lost; 
  • protect the business from massive recalls; 
  • save money in the long run.
Prism VS’s lot tracking software capabilities