Lot Tracking for Better Inventory Control

Use Lot Tracking for Better Inventory Control

In many cases, it is illegal to sell goods without lot numbers – batch codes that are assigned to finished product batches because lot tracking is a key component in reaching FDA / ISO / CFIA compliance for many businesses.

Lot control refers to recording the product’s lot ID to track it through chain processes from accepting to the warehouse to receiving by the customer. Moreover, the lot number can be used for inventory and accounting reporting purposes.

Key features of the lot tracking software system:

  • generating lot numbers;
  • tracking internal and external lot numbers; 
  • tracking product the supplier to warehouse and customer; 
  • product warnings and recalls; 
  • printing lot numbers in invoices and packing slips; 
  • lot number scanning; 
  • defining the expiry dates for lot ids; 
  • generating reports on the stock status, products history, and other requests; 
  • importing the lot data, and others.

Not all software systems enable the same level of control over lot numbers. Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers the inventory managing software system that supports the lot information that can include manufacturing date and shift, serial number, expiry date, product category, and others. Our powerful system includes both the ServQuest™ desktop software and the MiniMate™ mobile application.

Some main benefits of using Prism VS’s lot tracking software:

  • additional inventory control;
  • access to the real-time information about each lot;
  • collecting the lot data from arriving at the warehouse through to receiving by a customer;
  • the ability to quickly recall the damaged products; 
  • reducing problems with identifying the damaged items;

  • trucking items on the lot number;
  • ensuring compliance with the industry standards; 
  • easy identifying are expired products; 
  • automating inventory operations, and others.

Are you looking for a tool for better inventory management purposes? Contact us, and we will help you to ensure accuracy and produce better overall inventory tracking metrics.