Lot Control Software Solution

The best lot control software solution

Businesses of many types need to keep tracking of their consignments of goods produced or purchased. To make this process simpler companies assign the lot number to each consignment of goods. The lot number can be attributed to one or numerous units. Lot control is a process that includes some procedures such as attributing the lot IDs and tracking various parameters such as manufacturing and expiration date for each lot.

Lot information can include:

  • the serial number, 
  • the certificate number issued by Government, 
  • date of manufacturing or purchasing, 
  • manufacturer and manufacturer location, 
  • identification of the batch, 
  • expiry date and others.

Advantages of using the lot control software:

  • quickly identifying defective batches or models;
  • making recalls more fast, exact, and efficient; 
  • having information about to whom each batch of products was sent; 
  • knowing each item location on the shelves; 
  • quick and easy tracing back each item to its origin group; 
  • reporting the lot information instantly; 
  • identifying expired products; 
  • providing better accountability of each part and piece; 
  • the automatic addition of new lots; 
  • preventing legal troubles; 
  • efficiently solving problems; 
  • controlling the availability of the item or batch for transacting and planning purposes; 
  • allows being in compliance with state and federal laws; 
  • easily counting items and batches in the physical inventory; 
  • quick and easily registering all inventory additions, adjustments, and transactions; 
  • reducing waste; 
  • maintaining accurate records; 
  • saving time, money, and lost inventory; 
  • increasing the company’s reputation.
lot control software

Our company has designed an inventory control system that supports a lot of information. If you currently use the warehouse management software system that does not provide a lot control functionality, is the time to contact us. Our inventory management software solution with the lot control will help your business streamline operations, reduce costs, and increase performance.