Lorraine Keating

Lorraine Keating is the president and CEO of Prism Visual Software, Inc., a software design firm, specializing in operational routing software and located in the larger metro-area of New York City. With a wide range of IT experiences from system’s analysis to project management in mainframe, mini and PC network environments, Lorraine worked as a consultant to major American corporations that included American Express, McGraw Hill Publishing, Hertz Rental Car, and KPMG Peat Marwick. She consulted American Express on financial, demographic, subscription and marketing fulfillment systems, investigated and resolved internal system’s errors for Hertz, and redesigned a nationwide office automation system for KPMG Peat Marwick. She also taught business design and applications as a tenured professor at the City University of New York. Lorraine holds a BA in chemistry and mathematics from Fordham University and a MBA in Computer Methodology from Bernard Baruch College. She was born and raised in New York City.

An entrepreneur from the start, Lorraine decided in 1997 to incorporate her consultant business into Prism Visual Software and to focus on the design, publication, and distribution of comprehensive mobile and desktop routing application software for companies with logistical and operational needs. Prism’s mobile solution, MiniMate, facilitates deliveries, route sales, pre-sales, and service equipment of drivers and technicians, and integrates seamlessly with Prism’s desktop solution. Prism’s MiniMate software solution is recognized for its sophistication, integrative power, and user-friendly know-how. Lorraine’s commitment to IT excellence and design superiority have made Prism’s solutions for the operational routing industry rock-solid and state-of-the-art products that serve delivery and service companies reliably and consistently. Prism’s customers enjoy a professional relationship of trust thanks to Lorraine’s belief in customer-centric service.

Prism Visual Software prides itself on providing extraordinary support services. Under Lorraine’s leadership, Prism Visual Software has valued its employees and offers an excellent work environment, an outstanding compensation structure, and superior product development opportunities.

Most recently, Lorraine added pro-bono work to her busy schedule. She agreed to consult to the Board of the Community for Creative Work (CCW), a non-profit organization that holds the Kalsched-van-Loben-Sels Library. The Library is housed in Truchas Peaks Place, a conference and retreat center in Northern New Mexico that is located in the ancient Spanish village of Truchas halfway between Santa Fe and Taos (www.truchaspeaksplace.com). Lorraine is computerizing the Library according to the Library of Congress cataloguing system.

Lorraine lives on Long Island’s beautiful North Shore in Port Washington, NY. To contact Lorraine, email her at lorrainek@prismvs.com.