List of the CRM Features for Small Business Functionality

Customer relationship management - CRM for small business growing.

Customer relationship management (CRM) software designed for small business can provide a lot of features that help companies to run, grow, and thrive. Now organizations, including small businesses need not only to expertly manage their opportunities and prospects but existing and potential customers with the great care too. Features and functionality of the CRM software extremely differ from the system to system.

The CRM for small business software system may provide the next features:

  • contact management allows organizing the company's contacts into different groups depending on the context that is seen fit;
  • sales management organizes the customer and sales data into manageable pieces that can be used for making decisions;
  • sales opportunity management enables quantifying the contacts or accounts entered into the sales cycle and committed by the sales team to work with whom.
  • sales pipeline management provides the sales "road-map" – a real-time overview of the sales process steps – that helps guide sales exertions by following a sales process;
  • lead management allows determining the best customers;
  • mobile CRM provides CRM software for remote or handheld devices by using mobile applications;
  • partner management allows managing the performance of sales partners;
  • dashboards and reports allow see statistics in customized reports and visual dashboards;
  • sales analytics provides analyzing the data of past sales campaign and allows creating better future marketing and sales campaigns;
  • sales forecasting enables predicting the company's revenue based on actual data;
  • salesforce automation allows automating certain aspects of the sales process;
  • sales performance management allows to see who from sales representatives are performing well and who need improvement;
  • call center enables automating and controlling the inbound and outbound calls;
  • integration with the company’s enterprise resource planning and accounting systems and other 3rd party programs allows to increase the business efficiency;
  • email marketing enables using your marketing campaigns on full power;
  • social media management allows to know customers interests;
  • customer case management allows managing each customer case individually that helps efficiently to improve customer satisfaction levels;
  • online support enables providing customer support via the real-time chats.
  • open source enables coming updates more quickly when each company's worker can add information to the system, and others.
CRM Features for Small Business Functionality

Not all CRM software provides the full list of features, so any small business owner needs to define what his/her company needs and make research.