Use Sales Contact Management Software to Grow Your Business

Do you want to have a 360o view of your sales contacts? Sales contact management software is a right solution as can help you to achieve that.

Contact management software features that help to know your customers better:

  • holding customer contact information: name, emails, phone numbers, and addresses;
  • recording customer interactions: calls, emails, messages, and charts; 
  • customer communications history; 
  • access to customers’ social profiles; 
  • identifying customer interactions, appointments, and other touchpoints; 
  • linking customers, emails, and other records to the existing clients in your database; 
  • defining every client’s key contacts and relationships; 
  • specifying how people are connected: colleagues, friends, spouses, partners, relatives, and others; 
  • auto-profile enrichment of the customer profile; 
  • collecting data about customer orders and returns; 
  • monitoring website visits and visited pages; 
  • collecting information about made orders and bought products; 
  • real-time view of the customer order and its process; 
  • coordinating customer activity with the event and campaign management; 
  • tracking customers’ behavior; 
  • receiving real-time alerts about opened emails and clicked links;
  • access to customer data anytime from anywhere with a mobile application; 
  • visual reporting and customize default reports; 
  • seamless integration with Gmail, Outlook, and other third-party software.

sales contact management software

Remember, knowing customers helps to grow business.

Start to use sales contact management software immediately if you want to:

  • make more calls for the less time,
  • send more targeted emails, 
  • plan conversations with current and potential customers, 
  • recent calls and conversations logged in the client profile, 
  • get in touch with your customers in seconds, 
  • submerge deeper into customer engagements, 
  • set up meetings with your customers, 
  • get a full picture of every customer,
  • easily identify sales-ready clients, 
  • manage customer sales interactions, 
  • tracks the leads’ behavior, and more.
benefits of using sales contact management software