Key Benefits of Using the Computer-Aided Dispatch

Advantages of using the Prism Visual Software's computer aided dispatch system. High-quality inbound and outbound call center software for driving personalized interactions

Every computer-supported dispatch system uses one or more servers, which communicate with computers in a communications center and mobile devices used in the field. There is a variety of computer-aided dispatch programs that suit the dispatch center's needs. Fundamentals of them are the same:

  • log on/off times; 
  • creating and archiving interactions that begin with a phone call from customers or personnel in the field;
  • assigning field personnel to work tickets; 
  • timestamping every activity taken by the dispatcher at the terminal

If you want your business activity concerned the delivery or field service runs smoothly, your dispatch center has to perform well. It is possible only in one case, namely your dispatching software is high-quality. Our company offers the computer-aided dispatch (CAD) solution satisfies the highest standards, provides a call center and a wide range of tools enabling to make fast and smart decisions.

Our professional software team always uses the newest technologies and closely works with our current clients, so they know well all difficulties the delivery and field service companies meet every day. Therefore, our software solutions built for organizations specialized in the delivery of sold and pre-ordered products and services differ from other products offered on the market by various software providers and individual developers by quality and reliability and, at the same time, ease of setup and simplicity of using.

Key benefits of using our computer-aided dispatch system:

  • providing the complete inbound and outbound calls control, 
  • combining the inbound call and work ticket creation, 
  • access to the inbound and outbound calls history, 
  • interaction with different Prism's software solutions and companies' accounting systems, 
  • support the current and future data and the provided services, 
  • sharing work tickets and critical information on the mobile and handheld devices, 
  • using advanced mobile technologies with the MiniMate™ mobile application, 
  • supporting data on different devices: desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and handheld devices, 
customized computer-aided dispatch center with easy interface
dispatching software system that satisfies business needs and requirements

  • making informed decisions by the service technicians in the field, 
  • tracking each mobile worker’s location and time, 
  • streamlining the delivery and field service operations, 
  • ensuring the mobile personnel's safety, 
  • easy planning the work that needed to be done for the day, week, and month, 
  • providing the field service personnel with real-time data, 
  • improving the quality of the delivery and equipment service, 
  • increasing the mobile employee's profitability, and more.

Choose Prism VS’s computer-aided dispatch center for satisfying your business needs and requirements.

With offered by us the computer-aided dispatch operators and dispatchers are able to quickly answer the inbound calls, create emergency tickets, update scheduled delivery goods and services and manage multiple resources in real-time. Easy interface deployment, customization, and integration with accounting systems are hallmarks of each software product developed and provided by our company.