23 Key Benefits of the Lot Tracking Software System

Prism's lot tracking software solution.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers lot tracking software as a part of an all-in-one inventory management computerized solution that includes the desktop and mobile applications. In the inventory, the term "lot" refers to a group of products produced or collected into an identifiable unit.

Lots enable companies to identify and monitor batches of products and materials that might have some specific restrictions. The lot ID number facilitates the identification of each group of lot-controlled items.

The lot tracking functionality of our inventory software system enables the product traceability.

Key benefits of traceability enabled by the lot tracking software:

  1. taking inventory under control; 
  2. quick access to full information about each product: serial number, certificate number, date of manufacturing, date of purchasing, expiry date, manufacturer, location on the shelve in the warehouse, availability date, retest date, and other; 
  1. collecting information from various sources; 
  2. tracking batches of products from receiving through to final customer sale; 
  3. minimizing uncertainty and confusion in inventory; 
  4. ability to keep track through the supply chain in either direction; 
  5. the easily identifying what product is at risk; 
  6. quickly and easily finding defective products; 
  7. minimizing recall size; 
  8. reducing wastes; 
  9. the clear visibility of when and where products went; 
  10. the ability to respond quickly and effectively to any changes in the inventory; 
  11. the ability to extract needed information about items quickly; 
  12. reducing problems with quality and approval; 
  13. enabling further improvement of the product storage and maintenance; 
  14. easily registering inventory additions, transactions, and adjustments; 
  15. streamline inventory operations; 
  16. capturing accurate information about the lot control parameters; 
  17. providing better inventory accountability; 
  18. saving efforts, time, and money spent on inventory management and control; 
  19. ensuring compliance with industry standards; 
  20. protecting companies against claims of negligence; 
  21. maintaining customer trust and confidence.
Lot Tracking Software System

We offer companies a lot tracking software designed by our team in the way so it easy to use and, at the same time, meets all lot tracking requirements.

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