Visual JobCost™ Software Solution for Project Management

Job Costs

JobCost is a software solution integrated with Prism Visual Software's Time Tracker and designed to maintain records of all financial aspects of the fulfilled work.

Efficient control of job costs has an important impact on the company's profitability. Since many variables influence job cost, the need for the job costing tool is actual for every company. Using software capabilities provided by Prism VS's JobCost™ allows project and finance managers to control the working process and to stay on top of job cost information.

Main steps of the job-costing process with JobCost™:

  1. Creating a job in from a customer request or internally within the company.
  2. Recording time spent by every employee according to the work order.
  3. Calculating the total cost of the completed work.

JobCost™ maintenance form includes:

  • customer name, address, and contact information
  • job name and number
  • start, end, due, and close dates
  • job status and timer

If you want to be confident in your job cost numbers, Prism VS’s JobCost job costing software is the right solution for you as gives an exact, day-by-day job cost picture.

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