ISO Management Systems Standards

Marketing and quality managements system

A management system is a system that defines a set of processes and procedures which a company/organization needs to follow in order to fulfill all tasks that are required for achieving its objectives covering a great number of aspects of the company’s/organization’s operations, including product quality, financial success, client relationships, regulatory and legislative conformance, financial success, safe operation, employee management, etc.

Today, there is no single standard for a management system, however, a list of management system standards is determined by ISO – the International Organization for Standardization – an independent, non-governmental international organization of the 163 member countries. Through the organization's members, ISO unites different experts to share their knowledge and develop on the voluntary and consensus basis the market relevant International Standards.

ISO has defined the management system standards for:

  • Quality: Quality management systems, Quality management, Medical devices, Educational organization management systems, Explosive atmospheres;
  • Safety and Security: Consumer product safety, Management system for private security operations, Food safety management systems, Societal security, Business continuity management systems, Activities relating to drinking water and wastewater services, Crisis management of water utilities, Ships, and marine technology, Security management system, Fraud countermeasures and controls, Animal welfare management, Laboratory bio-risk management system, Road traffic safety (RTS) management systems, Occupational health, and safety management systems, Explosive atmospheres;
  • General management: Collaborative business relationship management, Compliance management systems, Anti-bribery management systems, Sustainable development of communities, Information and documentation, Management systems for records, Facilities Management, Integrated Management System, Innovation management, Innovation management system, Asset management, Sustainable and traceable cocoa beans;
  • Health and Medical: Medical devices, Quality management systems;
  • Environment and Energy: Environmental management systems, Quality management systems, Energy management systems; 
  • Industry: Graphic technology, Primary packaging materials for medicinal products, Facilities Management, integrated Management System; 
  • Services: Information technology, Service management, Event sustainability management systems, Adventure tourism, Safety management systems, Activities relating to drinking water and wastewater services, Crisis management of water utilities, Water Efficiency Management Systems; 
  • Information Technology: Information technology, Security techniques, Information security management systems, Software asset management, Service management, Software engineering.
ISO standards