Invoice Software Solution Enables Simple Creating and Managing Invoices

Benefits of using ServQuest invoice app

We offer any organization performing the professional delivery service our ServQuest™ desktop software package that includes a long list of solutions, including an advanced invoice software. Automatically creating invoices allows our clients to reduce the manual effort; as a result, the quick and accurate customer invoicing improves their companies' cash flow.

Some main benefits of using Prism VS’s invoice software solution:

  • ServQuest™ software package enables managing everything in a single place. 
  • Ability tracking the time service technicians spend working on each individual order made by your customers enables adding those spent hours to invoices when you create them to bill your customers. 
  • Emailing invoices allows reducing or, even eliminating, their printing and helps to cut business expenses not only on paper and printing but on the post office service too. 
  • Route sales representatives and service technicians have the possibility of sending and managing invoices anytime from anywhere by using MiniMate™ mobile application. 
  • Sending a copy of the invoice to different persons and sending different invoices to multiple customers at once allows your staff to save time that could be spent on sending invoices.
  • The ability to see the unpaid invoices and sending out payment reminders to your clients allows you to get paid on time. 
  • Access to the invoice history allows knowing your customers' behavior and to single out those ones who fail to pay on time.
  • No limits on a number of invoices you can create. 
  • Accepting the multiple/partial payments towards your invoices allows you to keep customers who cannot pay for their whole order at ones. Such flexibility gives your customers the ability to pay you the amount they can easier and you will wait less time to receive some cash flowing.
  • Printing to a mobile printer or email invoices with equipment terms and conditions gives route sales representatives and service technicians an additional tool to provide their clients with the professional service.
  • To make invoices fit your business you can customize their fields and add your company's logo.
  • Tracking payments and overdue invoices give a full picture of how your business is doing.
  • Duplicating the existing invoices eliminates the loss of your money because of unpaid invoices.
  • The ability to see the exact data when your invoice was viewed allows you to know whether your client is informed about the payment he/she needs to make.
  • Creating receipts gives you and your customers the confirmation of their made payments.
  • Collecting mobile signatures on handheld devices by delivery drivers and service technicians is additional proof of the made delivery of the pre-ordered or bought products or services.

The invoice app developed by our software team enables organizations to simply create and send professional and personalized invoices to their customers.