Inventory Stock Computerized Solution

Inventory Stock Desktop and Mobile Software Features

Inventory stock software gives businesses the ability to track their inventory via provided features enabling:

  • Creating and sending purchase orders. Combining multiple purchase requisitions in the single purchase order for the same vendor and reusing vendor information and other data while applying contracts and terms saves time that can be used more effectively. 
  • Ordering and receiving purchases. Updating stock quantities of goods and materials when purchased orders are received gives information about items availability and the expiration dates if the shelf life has been defined. 
  • Maintain customers and vendors database. Using database templates specially designed to meet specific needs and requirements allows companies to organize and manage their data without spending time on creating a database from scratch.
  • Setting item low-level warnings for reordering prevents companies from “not available” or “out of stock” situations and allows to perform sales and equipment service in the most effective way in according with scheduling or once a customer made an order. 
  • Viewing inventory levels by category and overall. Real-time information about inventory levels in the multiple warehouses allows performing delivery from the warehouse located nearest to the customer. Therefore, the company can increase its profitability and customer sophistication. 
  • Inventory history. The product history gives information about when items were received and sold as well as about the volume of sales. Knowing the sales volume enables forecasting of the future sales and, as a result, allows to predict the needed quantity of goods in the stock.
  • Managing items moving within warehouses. Control moving items within the company's warehouses enable knowing the level of available goods and maximizing the effective using the warehouse space. 
  • Grouping items into categories. Having categorized groups of goods helps to organize stock control in an efficient way. • Inventory Reporting. A summary of goods provides a comprehensive account of the items in stock. Clear, simple, and exhaustive reports can be used for analysis of the company business activity as well as for forecasting of the future sales. 
  • Managing rights for users. The security is a very important aspect of the effective running any business. If any inventory data is lost, the company will spend time and money to restore the lost information. Thus, providing passwords and login IDs for authenticating users and their rights is necessary for protecting inventory data. 
  • Integration with the accounting software system. Ability to use such important software as accounting and inventory systems together allows companies to have all needed information in one place and eliminate unnecessary work. 
  • Customization. Ability to customize the inventory stock software with the purpose to meet the specific industry or company needs allows companies to get the most benefits from using inventory stock software system.
Inventory stock software solution