Inventory Scanning Software (Main Characteristics)

inventory scanning

Improve your business operations with the right tracking software system that includes:

  • Mobile software:
    • MiniMate™ mobile application that runs on the Android operating system platform and provides receiving, adjustments, transferring, stock counts, and order fulfilling with barcode scanning and transmitting received information to a central computer. 
  • Web software:
    • Web Customer a powerful web tool for online shoppers, delivery drivers, sales personnel, and service technicians.

We offer you an inventory scanning system that helps to solve:

  • Inventory and material management: 
    • automating and optimizing inventory management process, 
    • quick and accurate inventory cycle counts, 
    • streamlining inventory audits, 
    • eliminating inventory write-offs and stockouts, 
    • avoiding time-consuming manual data entry, 
    • full inventory control from loading to the end-user, 
    • real-time inventory reports. 
  • Equipment and tool tracking: 
    • fixed asset tracking, 
    • automating assets check-in and check-out,
    • performing scan-intensive transactions, 
    • tracking multiple locations, 
    • up-to-date on all asset activity, 
    • error-free reporting.

The main characteristics of our inventory scanning system:

  • easy implementation 
  • intuitive interface 
  • minimal learning curve 
  • robust features 
  • powerful functionality.
inventory scanning system

Automate your inventory tracking with Prism VS’s barcode inventory scanning system based on barcode and wireless technologies. Today, our system is widely used by companies from more than thirty industries. Be one of them.

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