Prism Visual Software's Inventory Management System 

Have a full control of your stocks with the inventory management system.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. – a leading software provider that mainly specialized in the computerized solutions for companies performing pre-order, route sales, delivery, and equipment service offers such companies its inventory management system that includes ServQuest™ desktop package and MiniMate™ mobile application and works with handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets as well as with the barcode scanners and printers and allows to manage company's sales, stock, shipping, and customer data.

Our inventory management system helps to perform:

  • Inventory control by tracking inventory activities and stock movements.
  • Inventory optimization by anticipating demand and receiving reorder alerts timely.

You should keep track of your inventory stock levels as stock-outs can cause losing sales and disappointing your customers. Therefore, it is important to manage inventory levels and to make reorders timely. Our inventory management system enables managing the company’s inventory across multiple locations and even allows improving inventory control via automatically updated stock levels each time when purchases and sales are made.

Our inventory management system gives full control of your inventory through:

  • the real-time data access;
  • automatically updating inventory levels;
  • reorder notifications.

The main inventory control features include:

  • a complete list of the products and materials;
  • products and materials details;
  • products and materials stock history;
  • barcode scanning;
  • syncs with received purchase and sales orders.

inventory management and control software system

So, we offer the flexible, modern inventory management system that gives its users the ability to track their sales and the available goods, communicate with vendors in real-time, receive various data, including the seasonal demand, and helps to know the reordering time and the needed amount. To achieve this purpose, our team has combined together with several technologies into one cohesive system. For more than twenty years we have been studying the needs of companies performing route sales, pre-order, delivery, and equipment service and have designed and developed specific software solutions for such companies. Along with the inventory management system, we also offer:

  • route accounting software,
  • dispatching and route map optimization software,
  • call center and scheduling software, and other solutions.