Inventory Management System

Eliminate the stock-out with the comprehensive inventory management system.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers an inventory management system that includes developed by the company ServQuest™ desktop and MiniMate™ mobile software and works with the barcode scanners and printers, and handheld devices to streamline the inventory management and control. Provided by us inventory management software system allows minimizing inventory shrinkage and stock-outs whether you are tracking materials or/and goods used for selling to your customers or performing a service.

As every inventory control software, our system works by tracking two main factors of your warehouse or stock, namely incoming (receiving) and outgoing (shipping) materials or/and goods. The main goal of our inventory management system is you will always accurately know your current inventory levels and easy automatically minimize overstock and/or understock situations.

Benefits of using our inventory management system:

  • spending less time on inventory control;
  • efficiently tracking goods quantities in their locations;
  • using barcode scanners to scan item barcodes and as a result, eliminating data entry errors;
  • reducing understock and/or overstock;
  • improving accuracy in inventory control;
  • standardizing inventory control tasks;
  • having insight about your inventory and be able to make the right decisions;
  • integration with the accounting software;
  • increasing the company’s operational efficiencies.
inventory management software

As it is known, not all companies perform their inventory management in the same way. Therefore, our professional team has developed the software solutions that can be used for a wide range of inventory situations and enable creating the configuration that fits your company's specific needs.

inventory management system

MiniMate™ mobile app for inventory management:

  • enables to view current inventory quantities, locations, description, and more;
  • allows to make timely, well-informed inventory transactions from anywhere;
  • enables to handle your real-time inventory needs;
  • reduces hardware costs as can be used with your current smartphones and tablets; 
  • helps your staff to be more productive.

Provided by us inventory management system is helpful for:

  • warehouse staff – gives full information about locations and quantities;
  • office employees – enables to create purchase and sales orders;
  • sales representatives – allows to know the current inventory levels;
  • managers – gives quick access to the latest financial reports.