Inventory Management Software Solution

Prism's inventory management solution includes SErvQuest and MiniMate packages.

Each company oversees its inventory, or in other words, provides the accounting and controlling of all units (integrated products or components) that arrive and move out of the company’s existing inventory.

The process of overseeing and controlling subsisting inventory is named the inventory management and has the main task to prevent the inventory from becoming too high or decreasing to the levels that the company's operation could be in jeopardy.

Mismanaged inventories can originate serious financial problems for business, whether the mismanagement results are in the inventory glut or shortage.

To have successful inventory management, Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers companies its inventory control software solution consisted of two parts: desktop and mobile.

Prism Visual Software’s inventory management solution:

  • The ServQuest™ desktop application is developed for providing inventory management in the office.
  • The MiniMate™ mobile application for handheld devices is designed for providing the inventory accounting and control of the office.

Thus, with our inventory management software, you will have the possibility to provide the constant control of your existing inventory in real-time. Our inventory management software solution allows businesses to create a purchasing plan which will help to track existing inventories and their use and guarantee that needed items (products or components) are available any time, but their purchased amount is neither too much nor too little.

Our inventory management system provides:

  • just-in-time” method of inventory management which enables companies to do not maintain high inventory levels that cost money and receive needed goods at the proper time;
  • purchasing planning” which includes scheduling the items deliveries based on forecasts of sales.

Our solution is the most helpful for companies that provide equipment service, route sales, and/or pre-order delivery. Prism Visual Software’s mobile app – MiniMate™ – is used by delivery drivers, route and pre-order salespeople, service technicians on various mobile devices out of the office. The desktop package – ServQuest™ – is used by operators and managers in the office. Both systems ServQuest™ and MiniMate™ are centralized and use the unified database that allows each employee to know in real-time about the availability of the goods and add reports about sold and delivered products.

inventory management solution

So, Prism VS provides the inventory control software system that fulfills the key function of inventory management; namely, it is keeping a detailed record of each new or returned item when it arrives or leaves a warehouse or company's point of sale. All purposes of the inventory management are concerned with minimizing the total inventories cost and maximizing the ability to provide customers with products and services opportunely.