Inventory Management App Helps to Improve Inventory Control

Improve your stock control with MiniMate inventory management application.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. is always searching the new ways to give clients more advanced software products. Therefore, we are continuing to introduce innovations to our desktop and mobile software solutions developed for field service companies to help them improve their businesses.

Our software solutions include a wide range of computer programs grouped into a few packages. With pride, we can offer our clients the MiniMate™ inventory management app that is an integral part of the inventory control software system designed by our professional software team. MiniMate™ provides features that help companies to improve their inventory control.

The MiniMate™ inventory management app enables:

  • managing and controlling the inventory on the go; 
  • improving inventory accuracy with the real-time data; 
  • increasing the reliability of inventory data; 
  • reducing errors; 
  • updating inventory data wherever employees are: in the warehouse, route, customer location, retail store, and other places; 
  • completing inventory transactions, adding items, creating, editing, approving, and fulfilling orders, viewing product locations, making adjustments, recording inventory usage and location transfers, and much more from mobile devices; 
  • eliminating time-lag in the entry of information and transactions; 
  • increasing inventory visibility; 
  • improving the efficiency of employees; 
  • providing mobility of the working environment; 
  • optimizing inventory levels due to more accurate product forecasting; 
  • timely feedback; 
  • reducing the overall task completion time; 
  • receiving shipments when items are delivered; 
  • tracking the status of each current order; 
  • eliminating the manual record keeping; 
  • using barcode technology to make inventory control more accurate and faster; 
  • access to the inventory information from anywhere anytime; 
  • ability to work on mobile devices even without the Internet connection by using the standalone database on the mobile handheld devices; 
  • integration with the accounting software system via the Prism Visual Software’s Order Connector;
inventory management and control
  • communicating updates on the inventory status directly to a person who needs such information: inventory managers, warehouse staff, mobile employees, and others.