Inventory Control Software for Pre-Order Delivery Companies

Use inventory control software system to perform route sales, pre-order, delivery and equipment service

Inventory management and control is a very important aspect of the sales and distribution operation of any company. The business success of companies providing sales, route sales, and pre-order deliveries is very often dependent on the companies' ability to deliver pre-order or sold goods to their clients at the right place and at the right time. The main role of inventory control and management is coordination all segments of business actions in such a way that the appropriate level of products in the warehouses is maintained to ensure the company's activities and satisfy the customer demands. In one's turn, to ensure effective inventory management and control, companies need to optimize that process.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers a proven, comprehensive inventory control solution for inventory managing by small, mid-sized, and large businesses that provide pre-order delivery, route sales, or equipment service. Our inventory control system is a suite of fully integrated modules that enables providing inventory management and control processes in an effective way. The set of modules includes desktop applications as well as mobile one for handheld devices the main from which are: ServQuest™, Prism Dispatch™, and MiniMate™.

MiniMate™, the mobile application for handheld devices, included in our inventory control solution gives you and your professional workers the ability to make faster and better decisions and access to company's information from anywhere you or your employees are. This award-winning mobile application is an indispensable tool for salespeople, pre-order delivery and route sales drivers, and equipment service technicians.

Our end-to-end inventory control system is developed specifically for enabling sales and delivery companies to bring sold or pre-ordered products or services to customers more intelligently, quickly and safely. Having instant access to the real-time inventory, tracking orders, integration with your accounting system, realizing savings with positive ROI are only a few benefits that you receive in the case of starting to use Prism Visual Software's inventory control solution.

In addition, using our inventory control software solution allows companies to:

  • provide visibility of your business processes across the supply chain
  • ensure greater profitability of your business
  • improve forecasting for your company and its activity
  • increase the service level of your business
  • improve your customer satisfaction.

inventory control software solution

Start today to eliminate the unaccounted or missing inventory with our inventory control software which includes the main features needed for inventory managing and controlling such as barcode creation, real-time functionality and visibility, item levels managing, online purchase orders creating, orders tracking, worker (drivers, route salespeople, equipment service technicians) location and time tracking, payments and signatures collecting, standalone database on the handheld devices and more.

When you are purchasing our inventory solution, we always offer additional services, including the individualized application design, customization, training, consultations and support service.