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Prism VS's Inventory and Sales Software

Do you want to run a more efficient route sales business? Start to use tools that allow taking the tracking inventory, sales processes, and deliveries on a higher level. Companies using software inventory systems avoid outages and overstocking of products. The main features provided by such software include order management, asset and inventory tracking, service management, and product identification, and others.

Increase your route sales and have control over every unit with our powerful inventory and sales software that automates stock management, order fulfillment, and inventory control:

  • Order management: creating purchase orders, backorders, shipments, and more with a single application.
  • Warehouse management: monitoring within-warehouse movements and inter-warehouse transfers.
  • Inventory level control: checking levels of inventory located in multiple warehouses.

Prism VS’s inventory and sales software features:

  • multiple locations – managing, tracking, and transferring inventory across multiple warehouses; 
  • real-time visibility – delivering timely critical information to smartphone or tablet with the MiniMate™ mobile application
  • barcode scanning – receiving items, adjustments inventory levels, transferring products between warehouses, stock counting, fulfilling customer orders, and tracking shipped goods are possible from the convenience of the MiniMate™ mobile application developed for handheld mobile devices; 
  • customer information – quickly access to full customer information (purchase history, preferences, payments, location, and other) helps sales representatives to provide a better sales experience; 
  • customer-specific pricing – automatic calculation of promotions and discounts based on the customer type, purchased products, a period of time, order size, and other conditions; 
  • invoicing and billing – simplifying invoice processes and full visibility of spends; 
  • multiple payment options – collecting order payments via cash, check, or credit card; 
  • centralized order management – real-time notifications and status of orders coming from multiple of-line and online sales channels; 
  • end-to-end tracking – monitoring every batch or item in inventory with a barcode number; 
  • customer notification – notifying customers about received, processed, shipped orders with detailed information on every stage; 
  • reporting – different types of inventory and order history reports allow to define profitable products and can discover sales trends; 
  • accounting integration – the Order Connector synchronizes the third-party accounting software to Prism VS’s inventory and sales software.
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