Indispensable Small Business Accounting Software Features

Bookkeeping software features indispensable to business.

Before computerization, bookkeeping and accounting had clear divisions. Bookkeepers were limited in their operations; bookkeepers’ duties consisted in recording company's financial transactions in the corresponding journals (sales, purchases, cash receipts, and cash payments) and then posting the amounts into the designated accounts in general ledgers. After posting amounts into ledgers, the bookkeeping has ended, and accountants started their work. They made adjusting entries and after that prepared the financial statements and other financial reports.

Now in the age of ubiquitous computing, the distinctions between accounting and bookkeeping have become blurred. Using computers and bookkeeping software enables updating accounts in the general ledger automatically. Once the format of the financial statements or records has been established, the software will generate statements and records with the click of a button.

At first look, it might appear that the small business accounting system is the same and offers accounts payable, accounts receivable, general ledger, billing, and other standard components. Beyond the main attributes, bookkeeping software includes various other features that cover a wide range of functions and services. Some of these features are marginally useful or even nothing more than marketing gimmicks, but at the same time, other features can be considered indispensable. If you are going to choose the bookkeeping software, before deciding to purchase such software you should pay attention to its essential features.

Essential Bookkeeping Software Features:

  • centralized database;
  • robust reporting and analysis capabilities that can help your company to conform to government and industry regulations;
  • automation of financial activities;
  • fast, transparent, automatic updates;
  • tracking and managing business expense and spend; 
  • easy customization of forms, statements, reports, and other program facets to match your business needs;
  • internet connectivity with the purpose to have an ability to send and receive digital documents and handle electronic transfers;
  • interoperability with other software products;
  • scalability, in other words, the ability to be easily upgraded to a larger number of users and a growing amount of financial data and transactions;
  • graphic tools such as charts and other illustrative formats;
  • automating bookkeeping processes and maximizing small business productivity;
  • built-in security features and the ability to work with your safeguards.

The small business accounting software helps to collect, organize, categorize, keep, and manage the financial information critical to small business needs:

  • cash flow control and analysis;
  • invoicing and billing management;
  • warehouse management and inventory control;
  • purchases and vendors management;
  • clients account management and credits control;
  • bank reconciliation;
  • credits control and support of the credit card payments;
  • automating and optimizing the bookkeeping processes, and others.

Using small business accounting computerized programs helps small companies to save a lot of work time in comparing with the manual processing of the accounting books. Small business accounting software helps to reduce and even to eliminate the excessive data entry. Managing of the company's cash flow and financial transactions without problems is the main goal of any accounting computerized system.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers companies performing route sales, deliveries, pre-order, and equipment service designed and developed by its professional software team technological tools that enable efficient and accurate managing such companies’ business activities. Our reliable, sophisticated, and the comprehensive ServQuest™ desktop package of computerized programs is the route accounting software that specially designed to support sales, deliveries and service operations. The MiniMate™ mobile application running on the Windows and Android operating systems is specially developed to help mobile employees perform their job.

The ServQuest™ and MiniMate™ route accounting computerized solution enables:

  • planning deliveries pre-ordered products and services,
  • automating the scheduling and dispatching processes,
  • inventory managing and item levels control,
  • routes reconciliation, 
  • optimizing delivery routes, 
  • scheduling bills payments,
  • providing real-time customer orders and work tickets tracking, 
  • the real-time data access, 
  • integration with the company's accounting system,
  • getting more deliveries and services done, 
  • decreasing the company's labor costs and business expenses,
  • increasing employees’ productivity,
  • increasing customers’ satisfaction.
route accounting computerized solution