Increase Your Team Productivity with Day Planner Software

Day Planner Software

Would you like to plan your team's way of productivity?

Day planner software is a great tool that can help you to achieve your goal.

Simply schedule your projects, employees, works, equipment, and more with a single tool, and you will be able to focus on the important and significant matters.

What essential features can day planner software provide?

  • built-in templates – to create documents with the great look; 
  • automatically generating and sending documents from the field;
  • notifies – to get reminders and alerts by email, from a desktop browser or mobile device; 
  • notes – to save information for later, 
  • mobility – to have the business with you where you go;

  • task management – to manage a task through its full life cycle that involves planning, testing, tracking, and reporting
  • project management – to group tasks into the project and use techniques, knowledge, skills, and tools to meet the project requirements; 
  • a calendar that can include locations, weather, travel time, and maps – to go paperless in scheduling events, subscribing them to the employees, customers, and vendors; 
  • contact management – to collect, store, and manage employee, customer, and vendor contact information and to track all communication activities linked to contacts;
  • access to the real-time data – to use the important data and information anytime from anywhere; 
  • employee work time tracking – to monitor employee time work was done at each job site; 
  • customer issue and support tracking – to create, update, and resolve reported customer issues; 
  • synchronizing data with popular platforms such as Google, Outlook, and others; 
  • integration – to exchange data within existing systems such as ERP, CRM, CMMS, and others;
  • information sharing – to send information across teams; 
  • data access control – to ensure access to the appropriate data through user permission; 
  • visual planning –to streamline scheduling and resource allocation processes; 
  • chat rooms – to provide team discussion and collaboration;
  • filters – to filter the data in documents; 
  • manual e-mail sending and data import/exports; 
  • simultaneous using – to support using the day planner by multiple employees; 
  • customization – to create the custom fields and page layouts; 
  • marketing – to send the email campaigns, custom web forms, and autoresponders; 
  • automation – to automate repetitive tasks; 
  • security – to protect important business information and prevent data loss.

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