Increase Productivity with Prism VS’s Maintenance Software Solution

Increase your company productivity with Prism maintenance software system.

Nowadays, computer programs and system are indispensable tools that help companies to plan, organize, manage, and control their business activities. Moreover, it is very difficult and, even impossible, to be competitive on the market without using the newest technologies, modern hardware and the right software. Companies performing preventative management are not an exception.

Companies that want to solve preventative maintenance issues of their customers faster and more efficient should use preventative maintenance software that the best meets their business needs and requirements. We offer organizations performing preventative maintenance service our software solutions specially designed for such companies.

Prism’s maintenance software solution consists of four packages:

  • ServQuest™ - a complex, comprehensive desktop package providing support for key business activities of the preventative maintenance, including: 
    • creating and managing the customers and vendors database, 
    • scheduling a preventative maintenance service, 
    • controlling and managing inventory and parts, 
    • optimizing route maps, and others. 

  • Prism Dispatch™ - an indispensable tool allowing dispatchers to perform their duties in dispatching mobile employees in a more effective way with the minimum of errors. 
  • MiniMate™ - a unique, award-winning mobile application for tablets, smartphones, and other mobile handheld devices:
    • enables providing mobile workers with real-time data; 
    • guides preventative maintenance technicians with the standard operating surveys and procedures; 
    • supports tracking the preventative maintenance service technicians' location, time and fulfillment of the work tasks; 
    • assists preventative maintenance technicians in allocating their work orders; 
    • helps preventative maintenance technicians to perform their job, including, collect payments and signatures; 
    • generate reports about delivered preventative maintenance services. 
  • Order Connector - an ERP software system specially designed to facilitate the Prism's desktop and mobile software integration with the popular accounting and other software systems used by organizations.
  • Our preventative maintenance software solution helps:

    • to organize a business; 
    • to improve scheduling; 
    • to increase productivity; 
    • to run reports; 
    • to provide effective forecasting and more.
    Prism’s Maintenance Software Solution