Improve Your Fleet Productivity and Daily Operations with Route Management Software

 Fleet Productivity

Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers a unique software solution that helps to enhance the productivity of any field service company (regardless of its industry) at every level. Designed by professional software developers together with experienced fleet people who understand specifics challenges of delivery and field service business, our route management software provides all necessary features for the finest fleet management.

Prism VS's route management software includes:

Main features provided by the Prism VS’s route management software system:

  • Scheduling – to enable the best use of the company's resources: employees (delivery drivers, service technicians, and route sales representatives), vehicles, and equipment.
    • Benefits: automating and optimizing scheduling process;
      •  lessening the manager admin time; 
      • align schedules, resource usage, and labor-to-works ratios; 
      • optimizing resourcing. 
  • Dispatching – to assign delivery drivers and service technicians to customers. 
    • Benefits: automating and optimizing dispatching procedure; 
      • improving field employee productivity; 
      • recording important information. 
  • Route optimization – to determine the most cost-efficient route. 
    • Benefits: automating the creating optimized delivery routes; 
      • decreasing delivery expenses; 
      • serving more customers with fewer resources. 
  • Route tracking – to see where, when and for how long field workers drive each day. 
    • Benefits: automatically tracking vehicle location; 
      • monitoring the work time of every field employee; 
      • increasing mobile workers' safety. 
  • Mobility – to use mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets for connecting with the office in real-time. 
    • Benefits: getting a turn-by-turn direction to the work location, 
      • connection with the office in the real-time; 
      • eliminating the paperwork in the field; 
      • ability to work without the Internet location; 
      • collecting customer payment and signature. 
  • Data visualization – to present data visually. 
    • Benefits: the ability to spot new opportunities; 
      • visual dispatching; 
      • view customer locations on the map; 
      • watch vehicle locations in the field. 
  • Reporting – to highlight the most profitable parts of the business and the company's weaknesses. 
    • Benefits: automating and optimizing reporting process; 
      • collecting important business data.

 features provided by the Prism’s route management software

 features provided by the Prism’s mobile software