Improve Your Customer Service with Route Planner Software

Route Planner Software

Are you looking for a new algorithm that can help to reduce the driving time and cut down the fuel costs?

Be sure, a method of computing underlying in our route planner software meets your routing requirements. You will be able to plan the most cost-effective routes that minimize the traveled distance and taken time.

Benefits provided by Prism VS’s route planner software:

  • maximizing vehicle payload by maximizing vehicle fill out;
  • meeting customer expectations in cost, service time and quality;
  • fitting the legal requirements regarding driver work hours and vehicle capacity;
  • reducing capital investment in equipment via the proper using of the fleet;
  • minimizing drivers' work time by reducing the non-moving time and minimizing the driving time from warehouses to customer locations;

  • efficient planning the drivers' workday via automating and optimizing the planning process; 
  • maximizing vehicle utilization by maximizing the number of loaded trips per vehicle;
  • minimizing travel distance by eliminating overlapping deliveries and optimizing routes;
  • decreasing transportation costs involved in moving products by minimizing fuel and labor costs;
  • reducing the wastage in the fleet by eliminating the unnecessary vehicles in the fleet and using the right types of commercial vehicles;
  • increasing drivers’ safety via keeping track of driver location and driving time that allows preventing drivers to be lost, late and tired as well as speeding against posted speed limits; 
  • receiving the rapid return on investment in route planner software via reducing business costs and revealing the potential for greater productivity and efficiency.

We offer you a fleet management software solution designed to easily integrate with your entire business software, from maintenance and logistics through to accounting and payroll that will allow you to:

  • be informed about how well your fleet is performing; 
  • find the most cost-efficient way of fulfilling your obligations to your customers; 
  • make the best use of each vehicle from your fleet; 
  • create the best routes for your drivers based on all the important things to your business; 
  • minimize exposure of each your driver and increase the effectiveness of the fleet safety program; 
  • define the optimized zones based on predefined criteria such as map regions, driver attributes, customer demands, load size, and others; 
  • uncover hidden business costs; 
  • increase the company’s productivity and revenue.
Prism VS’s route planner software