Improve Results of Using the Top Accounting Software [4 Integrated Solutions]

The bookkeeping software for small business helps companies to control their finances.

Any company needs the accounting software to account and record the financial operations and control the cash flow. The times when accounting was carried out by hand with the pen and paper are a thing of the past. Today, companies regardless of their size need to look for new and new ways to improve their productivity and make quick and right business decisions.

Is not it?

Certainly, software solutions give companies of all levels: small businesses, middle-sized organizations, large companies, and huge corporations, tools that enable automation and optimization almost all business processes and activities, including accounting and bookkeeping.

Usually, from the list of accounting software available on the market companies select one of the most used accounting software systems such as QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Sage, or other depending on needed features and company's budget.

Why does business prefer the most used accounting software?

First of all, because of their reliability.

The next important question is, “Is it possible to increase the number of benefits received from using the top accounting software?"

The answer is easy, “Use additional desktop and mobile applications that easily integrate with your accounting software system."

Prism Visula Software, Inc. specializes in developing desktop and mobile computerized solutions for field service companies that provide route sales, pre-order deliveries, equipment, and other services at customer locations. We closely work with our clients and always know their needs. Today, we offer four software solutions that easily integrate with the top accounting software systems such as QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Sage, and AccountMate around a single database and allow improving not only companies’ business activities but the accounting processes too.

4 Prism’s software solutions integrated with the top accounting software systems:

#1. ServQuest™

Prism’s ServQuest™ route management software solution provides all features and functionality necessary for running a field service business, including scheduling, call center, inventory management, and levels control and many other.

#2. Prism Dispatch™

Prism Dispatch™ is a new solution for the dispatching and route map optimization. This software package allows planning the workday quickly and easily as well as optimizing the route with multiple stops for each vehicle.

#3. MiniMate™

Prism’s MiniMate™ mobile application running on small mobile devices with Android and Windows Mobile operating systems provides users with the wide functionality needed for warehouse and field employees: delivery drivers, route sales representatives, equipment technicians, stock managers, and others.

#4. Web Store

Prism’s Web Store offers a way of connecting with customers that enables growing the online sales on 23% annually.

Prism VS’s desktop and mobile software solutions