How to Choose the Right CMMS Software? 

How to choose the CMMS software system.

Using the right computerized maintenance management system – CMMS software system that meets your business needs and requirements can help your company to:

  • reduce your business costs via carrying out the regular maintenance; 
  • improve the performance of your staff via prioritizing the maintenance tasks;
  • increase the efficiency of your company via focusing on the main job duties.

Naturally, arises the question, “How to choose the CMMS software that will be right for my company and will bring value to my facility?”

When choosing the CMMS software, you should answer the next few questions:

  • Does the current CMMS system have features that enable creating, editing, tracking and automatically communicating the work orders? 
  • Does this solution provide task templates for frequent maintenance jobs? 
  • Does the concerned system give you the ability to generate the web forms for your engineers, technicians, and vendors for submitting the created work orders? 
  • Do the computer programs allow to create the checklists for equipment control and maintenance? 
  • Does software solution enable easy managing planned and preventing maintenance? 
  • Does the package provide scheduling maintenance in different ways such as by time, as needed, an alarm condition, and others? 
  • Does this computerized maintenance management solution collect the work orders feedback and maintenance statistics? 
  • Does the system alert when used materials and parts of equipment run out? 
  • Does the CMMS enable the easy reordering of the needed material? 
  • Does the offered system include a mobile solution? 
  • Can the maintenance management software solution be integrated with other computerized systems? 
  • Does the CMMS system alert in the case of vendor warranty and insurance expiration? 
  • Does the computerized maintenance management system generate the charts and reports you need to see the information you are interested in? 
  • Can the offered package be easily customized? 
  • Is the current CMMS flexible and adaptable enough to be changed with the times? 
  • Does the software company provide the training and support during and after implementation?
CMMS software

If your answer on each of these questions is “Yes”, you found the CMMS software that meets your business needs. Finally, you need to consider the last important factor, namely the CMMS package price. The calculating price and ROI include not only the initial cost of the software package but also the monthly/annual subscription as well as the costs of upgrades, training, and support.