How Can Sales Mapping Software Help Your Business?

Features of Sales Mapping Software

Every company that wants to have a successful business spends the time to determine the market areas, best sales territories, and potential sales opportunities.

Do you perform route sales? Do you know how sales mapping software can be helpful for you?

The well-designed sales mapping software system can enable:

  • automatic
  • ally creating optimized sales territories and route maps;
  • effectively communicating not only the created route maps by business information about objectives, customer activity, and sales results too; 
  • easily importing business and customer data from the database files; 
  • visualizing territories and routes on the maps via a variety of color-coding options for ZIP code, county, or state; 

  • adding to the created maps the custom images with the purpose to simplify the route sales representatives jobs, improve business presentations, and engage the right audience;
  • balancing workloads between the sales representatives; 
  • interactive sharing created optimized route maps to mobile devices used by route sales representatives in the field.

To reach success, any company performing the route sales should invest in sales mapping software that helps to improve the business tactic aimed to support the overall strategic objectives.

Some main features and functionalities that can be provided by the sales territory and route mapping software:

  • easily assigning ZIP codes to territories;
  • building hierarchical areas that reflect the sales structure; 
  • highlighting the overlapping areas by the color shading; 
  • visualization of the customer locations on a sales territory map;
  • online mapping support for PC and mobile computers; 
  • creating optimized routes with multiple stops; 
  • sharing interactive maps with the optimized routes; 
  • powerful customized reporting; 
  • easily integrating with other software systems, and more.

For more than two decades, Prism Visual Software, Inc. has been providing innovative route mapping programs that enable increasing sales across a wide range of industries.

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Our sales mapping software solution helps businesses to maximize their productivity and minimize waste. Companies specialized in route sales, delivery, equipment, and other field services rely on our route management software tools for more efficient scheduling and planning, more effective allocation of resources, and more clear accountability. By optimizing the sales territories and routes with multiple stops, our route mapping software allows sales representatives to meet more customers in less time than eventually results in increased revenues for your company.