How Can Mapping Software Help to Improve Your Business?

Use mapping software to improve your business.

Today, mapping software is used not only by companies providing sales and pre-order deliveries but a wide range of industries because it is a powerful tool for visualizing.

Mapping software takes existing location data contained in the sources of information such as spreadsheets and converts it into a vibrant map. Mapping software allows improving the business performance as with its help companies can plan, organize and solve some their problems more effectively and quickly. Identifying and quantifying potential customers, analyzing sales territories and tendencies, identifying new sales opportunities, tracking pre-order deliveries and reducing costly waste can be easy provided with the mapping solution offered by Prizm Visual Software, Inc., leading software provider that designs and develops desktop and mobile applications for route sales, pre-order deliveries, and equipment service businesses.

Offered by different software companies mapping systems can have various features, the main of which are:

  • connectivity to all company's databases,
  • data import, export and analysis tools
  • mapping on the street level
  • creating territories and thematic maps
  • route optimization tools
  • helpful pins such as colors, shapes, graphs, and icons and others.
Improve Your Business with Mapping Software

Today, there are a lot of offers provided by different software companies, but you should take into consideration that the mapping software system needs to be easy to use, accurate, up-to-date, and cost-effective. Remember that buying any software (and mapping too) is only the first step of the way. To truly pay off, you need to make a significant investment in putting and securing the right data and training your staff. Our company is on the market for more than 20 years, and we have met many new entrants to the software market as well as many failed mapping systems and disappointed customers.

For the years of our company's existence, we have studied the customers’ needs and requirements and always take them into our attention when developing any software product. Moreover, we provide additional services to our clients such as training and support and even customizations to the route accounting software needs. We work with small business as well as with the large companies. Depending on the company’s size and needs we offer tools and provide installations that meet the business needs.

Do you want to keep up with the times?

Automate the planning, implementing and controlling of your business activities with Prism Visual Software’s mapping software – the most powerful and flexible mapping tool.