High-Technological Inventory Control System

The High-Technological Inventory Control System

Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers organizations performing route sales, deliveries or equipment service a computerized inventory control system that encompasses all aspects of managing such companies inventories. Developed by our professional team inventory control system integrates purchasing, receiving, shipping, selling, tracking, delivering, storage, warehousing, reordering, and turnover into one cohesive inventory software system that is the most efficient for businesses providing route sales, delivery, and equipment service.

The business environment requires even small businesses to use the electronic inventory control system. Therefore, it is difficult today to find a middle-sized or large company among manufacturers, retail outlets or other businesses relying on manual inventory management because a computerized inventory control system is a key component of their business strategies aimed at maintaining competitiveness and increasing their productivity.

We offer companies a tool that can be a critical organizational asset enabling organizations to realize significant competitive gains in inventory management. Companies that already use our high-technological inventory software solutions are much better equipped to succeed in their industries than those who use outdated methods of inventory control.

Our computerized inventory control system provides automation that impacts all phases of inventory management:

  • counting of inventory items;
  • inventory monitoring; 
  • retrieval of inventory item location; 
  • inventory tracking; 
  • checking in and out of inventory items to employees, vendors, or customers; 
  • recording changes to inventory; 
  • anticipating inventory needs; 
  • receiving notification about low inventory levels; 
  • forecasting future demands, and more.

We have designed our inventory control system in such a way it is easily integrated with accounting and sales software. Such integration of the inventory software with other computerized systems allows companies to increase their productivity by integrating financial data.

computerized inventory control system

The main components of an integrated software system are:

inventory control system
  • database connectivity; 
  • electronic interchange of data; 
  • general ledger; 
  • connections to various business applications.