Help Your Business with the Inventory and Sales Software

The most productive sales company use the inventory and sales software because of these powerful tools allow them to:

  • track sales and real inventory levels; 
  • manage inventory located in multiple warehouses; 
  • track inventory movements between warehouses and within a warehouse;
  • use barcodes for tracking inventory and sold items;
  • generate customized invoices; 
  • handle credits and returns; 
  • reduce inventory and waste costs; 
  • prevent inventory needs based on forecasting and depletion analysis; 
  • balance the inventory levels in stock; 
  • track sales and automatically deduct items from inventory; 
  • generate reports for sales and inventory; 
  • receive alerts about critical inventory levels;
  • prevent shipping errors; 
  • calculate the waste and income.

Prism VS’s inventory and sales software solutions differ from other because of it:

  • is quick and easy setup; 
  • handles backups automatically; 
  • protects data with the high-grade encryption technology; 
  • includes MiniMate™ mobile application (with the standalone database ) that allows working anytime from anywhere even without an internet connection; 
  • provides full sales and inventory history; 
  • provides detailed information about item quantities that are available, on hand, in transit, reserved, on order, and other;
  • enables organizing product lists based on the multi-level categories; 
  • enables picking, packing, and shipping with shipment tracking; 
  • gives access to the real-time information across all organization; 
  • eliminates duplicate data entry; 
  • provides automated purchase orders; 
  • gives the possibility to ship more without additional staff; 
  • enables creating and tracking work orders for scheduled or on-demand sales; 
  • provides multichannel customer relationship management; 
  • respond to the customer requests in real time; 
  • easily integrates with accounting software. 

Do you want your sales company is productive? 

Organize, perform, control, and analyze your sales with the inventory and sales software.