Mobile Devices Supported by Prism Visual Software's Applications

Mobile Devices Supported by Prism Visual Software's Applications

Prism Visual Software's MiniMate™ runs on various mobile device platforms, including tablets, smartphones, and handheld devices. Depending on the client's business and type of mobile worker, different devices will meet the needs of the driver or service tech.

Delivery drivers and route sales drivers tend to prefer smaller handheld devices, that allow them to put the device in their pocket or in a holster and enable the users to deliver while protecting the device. Examples of smaller devices include Motorola MC65s and Android Phones that have 4 or 5-inch screens.

Service techs and pre-order salespeople tend to prefer larger devices that are either 7 or 10-inch tablets, to allow them larger screen space. For service techs, the larger screen is beneficial when answering equipment surveys and reading PDF instruction manuals. For pre-order salespeople, the bigger screen is useful when taking customer orders and presenting marketing or promotional materials to the customer. Examples of larger devices include Samsung or Nexus Android tablets that are 7 or 10-inch.

Prism Visual Software supports both printings and emailing from handheld devices, and recommends that either 3 or 4-inch printers be used if DSD drivers or service techs are printing in the field.

Supported  by Prism Visual Software tablets, handheld devices, and printers

Android Tablets and Smartphones


Samsung, Nexus, or any Android device that runs Android 4.0 or greater.

Window Mobile Handhelds

Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0, or 6.5 handhelds, including Motorola MC65s and M3 Orange.




Printek Field Pro, IPC DPP 350 or Zebra RW420