Grow Your Business with the Optimal Route Planner

route planner

The optimal route planner helps create the most cost-effective routes for visiting multiple locations, so drivers, route sales representatives, and service technicians spend less time driving and more time on customer service.

Your company is a perfect candidate for using the route planner if:

  • your company’s business activities include route sales, delivery, equipment or other field services; 
  • you want your office employees to spend less time on daily route planning and field workers – on driving and can focus on the most important tasks, including customer service;
  • you want to define the shortest route between your customer locations in a few seconds; 
  • you want to reduce expenses on gasoline, tolls, car repair and maintenance, drivers’ overtime work hours, and others that are included in delivery costs; 
  • you want to increase your field staff productivity and safety; 
  • you want to enlarge the served territory and number of permanent clients; 
  • you want to increase your company’s revenue and to grow your company.

An optimal route planner is a great tool that can help you to achieve your dream, but for business success, it is very important to find the right solution that best meets your company's business needs.

How can the optimal route planner effect on your business?

  • impact on the route planning process – improving the daily route planning; 
  • impact on used fuel – decreasing the total amount of gallons of spent gasoline; 
  • impact on passed miles – decreasing the total amount of miles driven by the fleet; 
  • impact on work time – eliminating the overtime work hours; 
  • impact on labor cost – reducing labor cost per stop; 
  • impact on delivery cost – reducing delivery cost per stop; 
  • impact on vehicle utilization – maximizing vehicle utilization; 
  • impact on the fleet size – reducing the number of vehicles in the fleet; 
  • impact on the fleet maintenance – reducing maintenance and car repair costs; 
  • impact on delivery time – reducing the waiting time of delivery; 
  • impact on delivery quality – increasing the number of timely deliveries;
  • impact on the number of deliveries – increasing the number of served customers per driver; 
  • impact on driver safety – increasing drivers' safety;
  • impact on customer satisfaction – enhancing customers’ satisfaction; 
  • impact of company recognition – increasing the company’s prestige and recognition.
route planner for your business