ServQuest™ Integrates with Bing Maps

GIS Mapping
ServQuest™ enables route optimization with multiple stops. It contains built-in integrated Bing Maps.

Special features help companies to:

  • Balance driver workloads;
  • Reduce overtime driver accountability;
  • Make better delivery predictions; 
  • Perform real-time tracking;
  • Create management reports,
  • Build delivery routes based on actual network drive times, not straight-line distances;
  • Take into account the specialty of vehicles and drivers;
  • Import customer orders from any open database connectivity-compliant database;
  • Geocodes customers addresses.

ServQuest™ Route Optimization Capabilities

optimized routes

Optimized Routes

Minimized distance and driving time by creating an optimized sequence of stops.

multiple drivers

Multiple Drivers

Optimized route with multiple stoppings at customer locations for every driver or service technician.

Customized Parameters

Customized Parameters

Automated building optimized itineraries with preferred day and time of delivery.

Alternative Itineraries

Alternative Itineraries

Two chances of route optimization: Prism VS’s routes and Bing Maps routes.

ServQuest™ Route Optimization Results

lower costs

Lower Costs

Performing delivery through optimized routes allows minimizing driving distance and time and, as a result, reducing required resources such as fuel, work time, and vehicle maintenance as well as reducing costs associated with violations and accidents.


Improved Performance

Optimized routes allow minimizing driving miles and driving time and reducing avoidable transportation delays, therefore delivery drivers can perform more deliveries (and service technicians can fulfill more services) for the same or less work time every day.

growing business

Growing Business

Automatization of most business processes enables reducing the time managers spend on planning workdays, so they are available for performing other jobs. Driving on optimized routes allows drivers to serve more clients. Reduced costs can be spent on business expansion.


Increased Revenue

Automation and optimization enable reducing business costs, enhancing the number of work every driver completes daily. Moreover, the ability to increase the number of customers and drivers in the growing business substantially increases the company's profits.

Make your multi-stop route planning more straightforward than ever.

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