Gas Supply Distributor and Tank Exchange Software

Prism Visual Software manufactures and sells Route Accounting, WMS, E-commerce & Mobile Android Software to support a welding supply distributor’s end to end technology needs. Prism's Software Suite will assist in the following ways:

Gas Supply Software
  • Support Gas Cylinder workflow with barcode scanning; Receive gas into storage, replenish gas into cylinders and deliver cylinders with Prism's MiniMate Android App
  • Track Cylinders by serial tags at all locations (warehouse, customer) and know what Gas Lot# was delivered to each customer on each invoice.
  • Control inventory in the warehouse and on trucks
  • Perform Electronic Driver DOTs and customer surveys during service work order and deliveries
  • Use Visual Dispatching to balance deliveries and track drivers in real time.
  • Take orders fast and easy using Prism's CRM 5 different ways: 1) Receive calls through inbound call center, 2) Queue up calls in the outbound call center, 3) Driver places order on a Smartphone, 4) Driver performs route sales or 5) Customer self-service with customer web ordering
  • Use MiniMate Android Smartphone App for proof of delivery, to collect signature, to print or to email the invoice
  • Easily manage rental billing for all equipment and tank assets

Prism’s software solutions do all of this and more. Please speak with our sales staff today at 516-944-5920 or send e-mail.