Gas Supply Distributor and Tank Exchange Software

Tank Exchange Software

Prism Visual Software manufactures and sells Route Accounting, WMS, E-commerce, and Mobile Android Software to support a welding supply distributor’s end-to-end technology needs.

Prism VS's Software Suite assists in the following ways:

  • Support Gas Cylinder workflow with barcode scanning
  • Easily manage rental billing for all equipment and tank assets;
  • Track Cylinders by serial tags at all locations (warehouse, customer) and know what Gas Lot# was delivered to each customer on each invoice;
  • Control inventory in the warehouse and on trucks;
  • Use Visual Dispatching to balance deliveries and track drivers in real-time;
  • Receive gas into storage, replenish gas into cylinders and deliver cylinders with Prism Visual Software's MiniMate Android App;
  • Perform Electronic Driver DOTs and customer surveys during service work order and deliveries;
  • Take orders fast and easy using Prism VS's CRM 5 different ways
    1) Receive calls through the inbound call center, 
    2) Queue up calls in the outbound call center, 
    3) Driver places an order on a Smartphone, 
    4) Driver performs route sales or 
    5) Customer self-service with customer web ordering;
  • Use MiniMate Android Smartphone App for proof of delivery, to collect signature, to print, or to email the invoice.
Gas Supply Software

Prism VS’s software solutions do all of this and more. Please speak with our sales staff today at 516-944-5920 or send an e-mail.