ERP Accounting Software for Field Service Companies (9 Functionalities)

ERP Accounting Software for companies performing field service Companies.

Does your company perform the field service?

You are in the right place. We can offer you the ERP accounting system specially designed for organizations specialize in route sales, delivery pre-ordered goods, equipment service, and other types of service fulfilled at customer locations.

Designed as a fully-integrated computerized system, Prism VS's ERP accounting software delivers the extensive enterprise-level functionality demanded to correspond with industry best practices whereas creating the warp for managing the complete business operations. The system equally benefits small, mid-market, and large companies. There are a few versions, and your support personnel always helps to choose the right option that will best meet the unique business process requirements.

Prism VS's ERP software system includes:

9 Functionalities fully-integrated into the single ERP accounting software system:

  1. sales order management: accommodating order entry, recurring orders, pre-order, invoicing, payments, order status; 
  2. field service management: scheduling, dispatching, tracking; 
  3. inventory control: serial number tracking, barcoding; 
  4. warehouse management: multiple locations, inventory movement within the warehouse, inventory movement between warehouses; 
  5. route accounting management: route map optimization; 
  6. procurement management: purchasing, payments, re-ordering; 
  7. e-Commerce: secure online access, web orders, web equipment service, web bill pay; 
  8. customer relationship management (CRM): contact information, interactions, order frequency, order history; 
  9. vendors management: contact information, purchase frequency, purchase history.

Start to use the field service ERP accounting software if you want to:

  • eliminate the duplicating data entry, 
  • have real-time visibility into accurate business data across your enterprise,
  • control all business processes from the single place; 
  • make informed decisions,
  • get a competitive advantage, 
  • streamline your business operations, 
  • increase bottom-line profitability.
ERP accounting software system