Fresh Produce Distribution

fresh produce distribution


  • Work Planning and Delivery Scheduling
  • Visual Dispatching and Route Accounting
  • Purchasing and Order Management
  • Multi-Location Fresh Produce Management
  • Inventory Traceability and Replenishment
  • Barcode Scanning and Lot Control
  • Web Store and Mobile Application
  • Customer Specific Fresh Produce Pricing
  • CRM and Supplies Management
  • Mobile Payment and Signature Collection
  • Integration with Third-Party Software
  • Data History and Real-Time Reporting
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Software Overview

Scheduling and dispatching features Scheduling

    Spend less time on scheduling. Be informed about the status of each work order, delivery ticket, clients' cancellations and reschedules, and location of every driver and dispatcher in real-time. Assign work orders to available employees with the right qualifications. Balance your purchases, available inventory, and customer orders to timely deliver on customer demands. Automatically send reminders to clients to keep their informed. Automate your fleet management and provide drivers with turn by turn directions.

route management software Route Management

    Enable your drivers to reach delivery destinations as quickly as possible. Use routing capabilities to create the most cost-effective routes and eliminate inefficient delivery zones and route cards. Dispatch created optimized routes directly to your distributors’ mobile devices, and your employees will begin their shifts immediately without visiting the office. Provide drivers and distributors with special instructions for orders and assigned routes. Instantly send route updates for emergency stops and last-minute changes.

CRM Management Feature CRM and Pricing

    Interact with your clients in multiple ways; give them the ability to order across multiple channels: in-person, by phone, fax, mail, online, or from a catalog. Handle their transactions and inquires the same way, regardless of how or where products were purchased. Price your fresh products with a broad range of flexible options: standard, contract, promotional, quantity break, retail, by unit, set, weight, and case. Provide customized pricing based on products, a sales channel, and characteristics of the buyer.

produce inventory Inventory Management

    Manage inventory located in multiple warehouses. Tag your fresh produce items with barcodes and easily handle and track the lot numbered products with great flexibility. Control expiration date, inspection reports, and quarantine information. Check every batch you got from suppliers. Monitor to which warehouses products went in, and how long they are stored there. Predict future sales and needs of fresh produce including seasonal demand variation and plan your purchasing from vendors in advance to prevent low stock level.

Mobile app Mobility

    Create the most appropriate distribution strategy for your fresh produce-focused company. Provide your distributors and delivery drivers with the comprehensive and easy-to-use MiniMateTM Android app. Creating orders, barcode reading, collecting payments, capturing signatures, creating invoices, emailing and printing invoices, reporting operations maybe perform in the field as easy as in the office. Use MiniMateTM within your warehouse(s) to improve efficiencies of solving warehouse challenges.

Web Solution Web Customer

    Expand your produce sales presence with an integrated e-commerce platform. Add Web Customer to your company's website and have full control of online sales. The mobile-friendly web tool will allow your clients to create secure accounts, find products with detailed description and quality images, read customer reviews, make orders (including fast guest check-out option), see shipping options, experience easy payment process, view the estimated time of delivery, print invoices, and see the order history.

order management Order Management

    Get extensive productivity gains by automating routine tasks and easily manage even complex order requirements. Automate sale activities and handling the order processing from the customer purchase order to shipping. Provide the overall maintaining of customer orders with the ability to conveniently create orders for fulfilling. Easily copy a previous order for actual delivery and use advanced capabilities of picking, packing, shipping, and tracking.

customized reporting feature Reporting

    Collect, organize, store, and manage all records and historical data in the report catalog. Use both types of recording: standard reports and customized documents with rich design elements. Have easy access to the data within each category such as sales, purchasing, inventory, etc. and to the information from across the organization. Easily export data in popular file formats and print reports by one click. Filter data to give a more customized user view of the information.

Single ERP System Integration

    Go to the next step for growing your business. Eliminate re-keying of documents and gain all benefits of direct integration between your accounting software system and Prism VS's products. Create an environment that functions as one while adding purchasing, sales, inventory, and other fresh food distribution capabilities to your existing accounting functions. Build own rules to manage your business activities.

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