Route Planner Software for Easy Trip

route trip planner

If you want to have the most efficient and profitable fleet of vehicles, organize your fleet activity with the route trip planner software developed by our professional software team for small and large transport fleet and service teams.

Prism Visual Software's fleet route-trip planner software helps to:

  • streamline the fleet management; 
  • get the most from your vehicles; 
  • minimize cost and waste;
  • maximize profitability and productivity; 
  • make well-informed business decisions quickly; 
  • increase revenue and profit.

The high-performance features that enable bringing fleet productivity to the next level:

  • predictive route planning – daily and multi-day (weekly, monthly) route planning; 
  • route optimization – multiple stops from the start address to the end destination; 
  • efficient fleet trip scheduling – smart scheduled delivery and service times; 
  • exporting created routes – sending to drivers’ mobile devices;
  • dispatching mobile workforce – with the MiniMate™ mobile application
  • real-time fleet tracking – monitoring vehicles’ location and drivers’ work time;
  • visual dashboards – for better data presentation with important details; 
  • mapping suite – data visualization on maps; 
  • advanced reporting – getting real quantitative fleet information from operational, management, executive, and customizable reports; 
  • integration with third-party software – creating an automated command center for managing, controlling, and analyzing business activity.

Benefited industries:

  • Transportation – creating, saving, and updating efficient routes. 
  • Logistic service – creating optimal routes with just a few clicks. 
  • Delivery service – performing more deliveries with fewer resources. 
  • Distribution – saving time and money by driving on the most cost-effective routes. 
  • Field service – optimizing mobile workforces, increasing service level, and customer satisfaction. 
  • Retail – increasing revenue and profit by maximizing profitability and productivity. 
  • Manufacturing – increasing customer accommodation and logistics performance objectives.
fleet route-trip planner software

Efficient delivery route planning, rational fleet scheduling, and advanced route optimization are real with Prism VS fleet route-trip planner software.