Field Service Workforce Management Software

Field service workforce management software solution.

Workforce management software is a computerized solution designed with the purpose to help organizations effectively use their employees. Our company is a leading software provider that specializes in developing software solutions for organizations performing delivery sales and field services. Our ServQuest™ desktop and MiniMate™ mobile software programs help such companies to use the right amount of their employees with the right skills to make work done at the right time.

As well known, workforce management software is more than the simple scheduling; it helps not only to provide scheduling, his modules address to budgeting, forecasting, performance management and streamlining company’s processes with only one purpose to increase employees’ efficiency and focusing on business activities that generate more value. Thus, optimizing staff scheduling incorporates some changes in personnel objectives and requirements.

Demand-oriented workforce management software includes:

  • choosing the right employees for the open positions; 
  • forecasting of workload that needs to be done and a number of employees required to make work done; 
  • involving employees into the scheduling process; 
  • managing and controlling the employees working time;
  • monitoring and analysis of the entire work process.

In addition, any field service management software includes:

• Demand management

Monitoring the volume of sold products and services helps the organization to forecast the future work orders and allows to plan the number of employees with the corresponding expertise that will be needed to deliver the service commitments to company’s customers in a timely manner.

• Workforce scheduling

Automatically optimizing schedules and using the company's resources such as people, vehicles, and parts allow finding the balance between customer demands and business possibilities. Integrating planning and scheduling processes, including real-time rescheduling, in the single platform enables companies to receive new customers and retain current clients.

• Workforce dispatching

Automatically assigning work orders to particular delivery drivers and service technicians within predefined zones enables providing effective service.

• Mobile solutions

Mobile solutions such as MiniMate™ provide field service technicians and delivery drivers with real-time data and enables automatically tracking their location and time.

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