Features Provided by Prism with Route Accounting Software for Small Business

The Main Features of the Route Accounting Software for Small Business

Today, it is difficult and even impossible for a business to be competitive without automation and computerization its day-to-day processes. Companies use various computer programs with the purpose to reduce their expenses and increase efficiency. For the small business, it is even more difficult to compete in this not simple situation. Therefore, small business owners are looking for new ways to intensify the potentiality of their companies and more usable software for managing and controlling their business processes.

Prism Visual Software, Inc. is a leading software provider that is designing solutions for companies specializing in the deliveries, route sales, pre-order, and equipment service. We offer small business owners our route accounting solution that allows them to track everything they sell, everywhere they sell. Our software enables easy creating and sending invoices to your customers, capturing your financial transactions with sales receipts, and running your sales reports.

Moreover, with our MiniMate™ mobile application, you will have real-time time access to your data anytime from anywhere. Thus, we offer you route accounting software for small business that always gives you the real-time view of your business and, as a result, you will always know where your business stands and how is doing.

The main features we provide with route accounting software for small business are:

  • recording sales and receipts
  • creating and sending invoices
  • accepting payments
  • paying bills
  • integrating with the company’s accounting system
  • creating financial reports
  • inventory management
  • online access via Web Customer app
  • scheduling and dispatching
  • tracking work time and managing jobs
  • customer management
  • order history, and more.
features provided by Prism VS's route accounting software

Do you want to be able to use simple and smart accounting software that will help your business growing? Contact us today and start to be our client. We provide our customers with support service that includes training during the implementation phase of the route accounting, consultations on an hourly or project-based fee and support service plans on an annual basis. Our professional team always performs the best support service.

Using our route accounting will help your small company:

  • to identify and eliminate your company’s pain points,
  • to reduce costing of your business,
  • to increase your customer satisfaction and your company’s revenue.