The Main Features Enhancing the Inbound Call Center Software

The Main Features of the Inbound Call Center Software Solution

Automatic Call Distributor

An Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) is a telephone system that answers incoming calls and routes them to a specific department or agency within a company based on the incoming line to the system, time the call was processed, the customer's selection or telephone number.

Skills-Based Routing

Skills-based routing (SBR) is a call-assignment strategy that is used in the call centers to assign incoming calls to the most appropriate call center agent, instead of the next available agent. Matching callers to the most qualified agents allows meeting clients’ needs and, as a result, to increase customer satisfaction and the first call resolution.

Multi-Level IVR

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is an automated telephony system interacting with callers and routing calls to the most appropriate agent. The IVR system enables creating a more positive customer experience and efficient workforce. Generally, IVR settings can be easily customized to unique business needs.

Call Queues

When all agents are busy, calls should be automatically routed to the intelligent call queue. The agent can prioritize which calls are answered first based off their value, request urgency or company's customized business rules.

Real-Time Metrics

A real-time dashboard provides data statistics such as average and longest wait time, a number of available agents and others. The real-time statistics helps an agent to make decisions about consecution of answering inbound calls and a quick response for the most valued customers. Managers should also have access to this information so they can help improving call center efficiency.


Call monitoring allows monitoring the agent performance and customer experience as well as providing data-driven feedback and coaching your agents.

Historical Reporting

Access to the comprehensive historical metrics of each department, agency, campaign, phone number and other helps managers make data-driven decisions that have a positive impact on the call center a whole.

Inbound Call Center Software

This is not a full list of the inbound call center tools that help to improve the company’s call center functionality. Remember, if the call center staff is equipped with the right tools your employees can perform optimally and decrease the managerial burden.