Features and Functionality of the Inventory Management Software System

The main features of the inventory management software system.

Depending on functionality and features the software inventory management system can:

  • establish the baseline for future software inventory management
  • complete a list of software inventory specified by the special rules, 
  • collect detailed file information about files: name, size, created date, file path, the name of the product that a file is a part of, and more, 
  • provide a wide range of information that can be collected about used software: type, name, provider, hardware requirements, certificates, how many copies exist, and more, 
  • copy files and store copies at the server to view them later, 
  • collect information from a single file or set of files, 
  • keeping track of every change in software inventory, 
  • track updates for each software application, 

  • keep the current software inventory data, 
  • give real-time information about software inventory,
  • automatically updates the most recent software inventory data, 
  • build the used software inventory history, 
  • organize the software inventory data by files or products, 
  • create the customized reports with the necessary data, 
  • customize the software inventory system, 
  • integrate with other computer programs, and first of all accounting software system.
  • functionality of the software inventory management system
    features the software inventory management system

    Advantages of using the inventory management software system:

    • effectively managing software solutions used by a company; 
    • real-time information about used software: 
      • the number of copies of each computer program or application exists in the company, 
      • computers and their location on which the particular software is installed, 
      • how many computers have the antivirus program installed, and more, 
    • access to the previously collected files, 
    • tracking updates for existing software applications, 
    • efficiently controlling the software updates: 
      • information about currently installed updates, 
      • date and time when a particular update was installed, 
      • identifying software systems that require updates, 
      • available and applicable software updates, and more,
    • a clear view of the data selected from the database, 
    • monitoring computer programs, 
    • ability to easily and quickly determine and troubleshoot problems, 
    • customized reporting for analysis and forecasting
    • integration with other computerized solutions.