Expand Your Business Capability with Sales Software

Improve Your Business with Sales Software System

Organizations performing sales have many tasks and responsibilities. Therefore, a lot of different sales tools, including software solutions for sales companies, sales representatives, and managers are offered on the market. Prism Visual Software, Inc. offers the easy-to-use, but very efficient software solution that allows sales representatives to track and close deals instead of spending their time on filling out sales forms and inputting data to them.

Using our sales software provides enterprises with a wide range of benefits, and can help to achieve business competitive and profit goals. Developed by our team system provides sales managers with the up-to-date information about the latest inventory scenarios that allows them to make right important decisions and manage inventory more effectively and offer existing goods to their customers on the most profitable terms. Analyze your past performances and identify shortcomings with the purpose to mend them and improve your company's revenue and profit.

We offer you a perfect solution that will help your sales representatives to sell smarter and faster, your sales managers to manage and control the sales process through all stages of the sales cycle. Enable your sales team members to focus on their core activities, not on administrative work. Expand your business capability with our sales software, and you will see more results as your sales team will be able to work more effectively and efficiently.

Our sales software solution provides:

  • customer data management
  • inbound and outbound call centers
  • tracking calls, e-mails, and meetings
  • complete sales overview and sales history
  • managing the price list, including discounts and special offers
  • access to the real-time data and sales performance tracking
  • scheduling products and service delivery
  • tracking sales (including route sales) and order deliveries
  • mobile application for handheld devices that provides drivers and service technicians with information about their daily tasks
  • route optimization declining the delivery costs and increasing business effectiveness 
  • ensuring order delivery on time 
  • creating digital documents to decrease the paper storage needs 
  • capturing the digital client signatures to fulfill delivery requirements 
  • creating inventory-related reports 
  • integration with the client’s software systems, including accounting and customer relationship management (CRM) 
  • customization to meet business special requirements 
sales software solution