Web Customer - Online Solution for Sales Representatives

Web Customer App for Sales Personnel
If your company is looking for new ways to grow sales, Web Customer is the right solution for your sales personnel.

Web Customer for sales personnel:

    Doesn't require the installation of additional software.

    Looks perfect on any device.

    Provides complete control of online sales.

Requirements for Web Customer installing:

    Microsoft Server OS 2008+

    Operative memory 8Gb+

    Harddrive size 50Gb+

Features for remarkable sales personnel experience

secure registration

Secure registration

access 24/7

Access 24/7

Web Customer runs on multiple devices

Running on multiple devices

advanced navigation

Advanced navigation

Creation orders

Order creation

order description

Order description

paid invoices

Paid invoices

information about order status

Orders' status

list of open orders

Open orders

closed orders

Closed orders

canceled orders

Canceled orders

list of orders history

Orders history