ERP System from Prism Visual Software, Inc.

ERP system offered by Prism Visual Software allows to automate many business processes

Enterprise resource planning, or in other words, the ERP system is a type of business management software that enables companies to collect, store, manage and interpret data of various business activities. In the atmosphere of high competition, companies need to have a tool that helps them to make fast and smart decisions. Тhe enterprise resource planning is such a tool.

The ERP software is continually developing. Today, new trends affect this business management software, and as a result, we have new solutions such as:

  • Mobile ERP gives employees real-time access to the company's data, regardless of where they are.
  • Cloud ERP uses the Internet with the purpose to share and storage of the company's data, records or other documents.
  • Social ERP. After much hype around social media and its importance for business success, some software providers have added social media packages to their ERP software systems.
  • Two-tier ERP. Some companies use two different integrated ERP software systems simultaneously.

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software system offered by Prism Visual Software, Inc. to companies performing pre-order deliveries, route sales, and equipment service allows automates and integrates basic business processes:

  • keeping inventory records
  • taking customer orders
  • scheduling deliveries and other business operations
  • managing the financial data and other.

Our ERP system is able to bring improvements in the effectiveness to any such company with the help of:

  • assisting in defining and organizing business activities
  • ensuring the business processes complied throughout the full supply chain
  • enabling to plan the employees' workload based on existing and forecast orders
  • translating business data into information helpful for making decisions
  • providing with the tools allowing to give customers the high-level service
  • protecting critical data through security access.
Prism Visual Software’s ERP solution

The main benefits of using the Prism Visual Software’s ERP solution:

Integration business processes.

Your company will be able to realize the full benefits from using our ERP system in the case that the provided by us ERP system is fully integrated into all your business aspects.

Automation business processes.

By automating the main of office business activities, our ERP system frees your employees from routine tasks such as data balancing and makes your business faster and more efficient, and less disposed to errors.

Increasing business performance.

By integrating separate business processes, our ERP software ensures not only the coordination of all business activities but avoids their duplication as well as employees working in different company's departments at cross purposes. The cumulative positive effect does not keep waiting.

Benefits of using Prism VS's ERP software

Along with the desktop ERP system, we provide a mobile solution - MiniMate™ - for handheld devices that is indispensable for equipment service technicians, pre-order salespeople, delivery and route sales drivers. With our MiniMateTM your managers and employees have real-time access to required information, regardless of where they are. Therefore, your stuff can embrace our mobile ERP software for conducting key business processes and creating reports.