ERP Accounting Software – the Modern Business Solution

ERP Accounting Software Solution

Modern market conditions require companies to use modern business solutions that help to make business running simpler, more flexible, and faster.

Therefore, nowadays instead of accounting software, increasingly we can see offers about ERP accounting systems. What is the difference?

ERP accounting software is much more than accounting software.

Accounting software usually covers accounts payable and receivable, banking, financial reporting, basic revenue, sales recording, and financial reporting. ERP software system (or, as it is often named "ERP accounting software") always includes the accounting software functionality and adds to accounting other functionalities that cover industry needs and almost all business facets.

Prism’s ERP system is a fully integrated end-to-end solution that covers:

You should use our ERP accounting software system if you want to:

  • get greater visibility into your business activities;
  • streamline your process cycle time; 
  • reduce the administrative and labor costs; 
  • respond faster to customer requests.

11 Main benefits of using Prism’s ERP system:

  1. provides abundant, integrated functionality; 
  2. enables integrated management of purchasing, inventory, sales, customer service, scheduling, dispatching, and tracking processes; 
  3. supports multilateral deployment options: on-premise, mobile, online; 
  4. provides consistent monitoring of business costs and company's performance; 
  5. accelerates core business processes; 
  6. provides powerful reporting; 
  7. enables analytics in real time and effective forecasting; 
  8. supply easy access to functionality and the real-time data; 
  9. integrates with major accounting packages; 
  10. can be easily adapted to company requirements and preferences; 
  11. reduces hardware and software management and maintenance costs.